Trendy Halloween carries a multitude of costume brands. Unfortunately, sizing measurements are not universal. Sizing and fit can vary from brand to brand. We recommend clicking on the product page’s “Size Chart” button to help you determine your correct size. Below are some helpful points to keep in mind while selecting your size.

 All measurements are in inches.
      - Except for some children’s costumes which display sizes by the child’s age instead of size.
      - Example: Small 4-6 (3-4 years).

 Charts reflect approximate age, weight and height range.

 Not all costumes are available in all sizes. Please refer to the individual product page for actual available sizes and size charts.

 The sizing measurements provided on each costume are a range of sizes for the person who will be wearing the costume, NOT the actual measurements of the costume itself.
     - Seasonal costumes usually run a little smaller in fit. We recommend selecting a larger size when in doubt.
     - Costumes are not designed to fit every body type perfectly. Though a costume is specifically designed for certain hip or waist measurements, it does not mean that the sleeves and inseam will fit properly.

 Manufacturers that produce seasonal costumes do not make them available in all sizes. Each Halloween, manufacturers try to anticipate what the popular sizes for that season will be and then manufacture the items in those sizes. Seasonal items that sell out are usually gone until next Halloween.

 Because seasonal costumes are not professional, theatrical-quality costumes, they are designed and intended to be worn only a couple of times.

 Superhero costumes are supposed to fit a little snuggly. Take this into consideration when choosing the size that’s right for you.


Helpful Halloween Hints

Some costumes do not follow the standard sizing guidelines. When encountering an issue like this, the product description should reflect this and include a special sizing chart.

Still indecisive about what size to buy? Some people will purchase their size along with a larger size and return the one that is too small.

Keep in mind that a lot of costumes usually have waists with elastic built into them, so this will allow you a little more wiggle room.





For any other questions regarding sizes, please visit our FAQs or contact us here.