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Enjoy Halloween Masks for Years with Proper Care and Cleaning

Halloween mask care probably isn’t on your mind when you’re dressing up for a party.  But after your spooky revels, you should not leave a mask tossed on the closet floor.  

Elaborate paint, grooves, sculpted shapes, and even fur can be part of a realistic Halloween mask. Knowing how to care for it properly is crucial. Something like the Gruesome Werewolf Ani-Motion Mask cannot be thrown into the washing machine with blue jeans.


A realistic Halloween mask is an investment for your costume wardrobe. You can preserve it for years once you adopt Halloween mask care. Then you can select with confidence from the amazing Halloween masks on the market. 

Halloween mask care is easy, even for a realistic Halloween mask with many features and materials.

Top Tips for Halloween Mask Care

1. Clean them inside and out after each use. In general, this can be accomplished by wiping off dirt with a soft damp cloth. Gently clean out any grooves with the soft cloth or cotton swab. Dry it off or let it air dry. If more than a damp cloth is needed, Tim Harkleroad the author of The Complete Haunted House Book suggests using hair spray as a cleaner on latex masks. This follows manufacturer recommendations.

2. Latex masks (Kurten Mask) and vinyl masks especially benefit from a careful dusting with unscented talcum powder on the inside. This prevents mask parts from sticking on the inside during storage and stops odor. Harkleroad also recommends powdering the inside of the mask before use. This makes it easier to slip on. These materials can be clingy when you’re wearing them and powder alleviates this. After use and cleaning, apply new powder to keep a Halloween mask fresh and ready to use again.

To clean your scary masks and realistic Halloween masks, you may also dilute liquid dish or hand soap and gently do the cleaning. Be sparing with the soap and carefully wipe away the residue with a damp non-soapy cloth. Make sure it is a mild soap and not labeled for dissolving grease because that might be too harsh for latex.

With these tips, masks like the vinyl horse skull mask and the latex insano clown mask will be more comfortable to wear.

Other mask materials like canvas and plastic may not require powdering because they are stiffer and not clingy. But be careful not to disturb paint and attached materials if you need to wipe off the fronts. Usually, they only need to be wiped off on the inside where they touch the skin.

For example, look at the butterfly iridescent eye mask on a canvas backing. You can wipe off the inside but be sure to only dust off the front with a paintbrush to dislodge dirt.

3. Do not use Febreeze or any “freshening” sprays because they leave chemical residues.  This is not cleaning.

If an odor is present, dilute rubbing alcohol with water and wipe the inner surfaces. This will kill bacteria. Only do this on the inside so there is no chance of discoloring or fading paint and dye on the outer surfaces.

4. Furry Halloween masks also need touching up after use. Halloween mask care for fur requires that you gently comb out snarls and make the fur smooth again. Typically people use a pet comb. Be gentle and take your time with the fur. You can spray on a little water with a touch of hair conditioner to ease the combing. Some people dilute fabric softener into the spray instead of conditioner for this process.

Taking time to groom the fur-like on this Krampus the Yule Lord Mask will keep your scary masks looking perfect.

5. Don’t get laser cut metal masks wet. The material will be very resistant to dirt anyway, so a dry cloth will suffice to wipe off dust, oil, makeup or other materials (fake blood?). Because it’s metal you do not want moisture on it during storage. This precaution prevents the chance of corrosion, rusting or discoloration.

As you can see on this gold metal Venetian mask, it will only need to be wiped off or dusted.

6. A simple mask like the Lace-Up Cat Mask will likely not get very dirty. When it needs cleaning a simple hand washing with a dab of soap will work. Hang it up to air dry.

How to Store Halloween Masks

After you’ve survived the haunted festivities, you need to store your masks with care.

1. After cleaning and drying, stuff the mask with wads of tissue paper, newspaper, or even cloth to maintain its shape. This is important because it prevents folds, dimples, adhesions or bulges from forming.

If ever your mask does take on an undesired shape you need not worry. As previously mentioned, stuffing your mask will help it to take on the appropriate shape and by applying heat to the exterior of the mask with a hairdryer on the low setting your mask will soften up allowing it to regain its shape. Alternative solutions are to stuff the mask and place it outside in direct sunlight or exposing it to a heat lamp. However, do not allow your mask to "cook" for too long because it can become ruined. 

2. Some masks might come with a plastic insert inside of them. The manufacturer does this for shipping purposes. You should always remove the plastic insert before enjoying your mask. Keeping the plastic insert in order to place it back in your mask will prevent it from losing its shape while not in use.  

3. Put the mask in a plastic bag or wrapper. This keeps dust off, which is especially important when an object may not be used for weeks, months, or years.

4. Do not store Halloween masks in direct sunlight. This will fade the colors and hasten deterioration. It’s best to put the wrapped mask in a box to block light and prevent it from getting crushed.

Proper Halloween mask care only requires a little time and storage space. Your efforts will be rewarded with a growing collection of Halloween masks for your costuming pleasure.

A wide selection of Halloween masks 2014 is ready to inspire your celebrations this year.  The V for Vendetta mask remains a popular choice. Its dystopian associations underpin its appeal.  

For those seeking something more elaborate than the sinister simplicity of the V for Vendetta mask, an endless supply of scary masks exists along with just about any realistic Halloween mask to fulfill your nightmares.

Here are two examples to chill your blood:

Gas Mask With Canister

Rob Zombie Michael Myers Mask

For those not into scary masks, you have funny masks to choose from.  Funny face clear masks are goofy and startling at the same time.

Halloween mask care is easy to master. You should teach your friends to take care of their masks too. Follow the care tips shared here and your Halloween masks will rise from the dead and deliver years of value.