Fostering Children's Imaginations Through the Gift of Costumes

Give the gift of imagination. What exactly does that mean? You hear it all the time, but do you really understand the importance of fostering a child’s imagination? With children becoming more and more wired by the day, they’re losing the creativity and wonder of the essence of human nature, which can be regained playing dress-up and play pretend.

That’s where Trendy Halloween’s specialty costumes can help.

You’ll be amazed how far children can stretch their imaginations with just a couple of costume accessories like a Captain America shield, a princess tiara or a doctor’s stethoscope, now imagine the effect a full costume could have. Costumes have the ability to spark the imagination, and all you need is that small spark for children to dream up epic adventures in faraway worlds all from the safety of their home.

Captain America Retro Child Shield

Watch him transform into his favorite superhero with this Captain America Retro Child Shield.

Cinderella Tiara

She'll look as beautiful as Cinderella in this Cinderella Tiara.



Playing doctor is easier with the help of a toy Stethoscope.

But why is fostering a child’s imagination so important? One of the most important benefits is the fundamental life and social skills that children learn from pretend play such as planning, problem solving, vocabulary development and communication. Take for example all of the planning that goes into dreaming up an adventure. Children learn how to assign roles and effectively communicate with their playmates as well as coming up with ways to solve any problems that might come along the way in the course of their make-believe adventure, all while teaching each other new words during their interaction.

Indeed, in the article “The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development” published on, psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman explains how imaginative playtime is an essential part of child development. Playtime spurs curiosity, which in turn encourages learning and exploration. Additionally it encourages creativity and enhances learning abilities. If fostered now, children can take these fundamental functions to help them well into adulthood.

But while all of this sounds great, Trendy Halloween understands how difficult it can be to get your children to put down the tablet computer. That’s why costumes are a great way to encourage children to step away from the videogame and go outside, interact with the real world and create life memories. It’s much easier for them to come up with an adventure when they have something tangible like a pirate costume, an Iron Man costume, or an Elsa costume right in front of them. After spending so much time mindlessly looking at a screen, they might need a little push to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. A costume could be that nudge that sets them onto a healthier mindset.

Deluxe El Capitan Toddler Costume

Set up a treasure hunt while he goes on his adventure dressed in this Deluxe El Capitan Toddler Costume.

Iron Man Classic Avengers Muscle Child Costume

He can save the world dressed up as his favorite superhero in this Iron Man Classic Avengers Muscle Child Costume.

Disney Frozen Movie Elsa Child Costume

She can recreate her favorite scenees from Frozen with this Disney Frozen Movie Elsa Child Costume.

And if that wasn’t enough, costumes are also great for the inner development of a child, helping them learn about themselves along the way. With a costume, children are essentially free to try on different roles and discover which ones they like and which ones they don’t. Children who usually don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves might find it easier to do so while in costume. Transforming into their favorite superhero, princess, or cartoon character might be liberating enough for children to try something they might not have had the confidence to try before. Isn’t the gift of confidence and empowerment something every parent would want to gift their children? Try it this Christmas; we want to hear how it goes.

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