Sexy and Timeless Couple Costume Ideas


Couples costumes offer a splendid way to celebrate your relationship. You and your partner are dressing up and putting on a show. Role-playing in your favorite fictional universe brings you together and makes you the stars for the evening.

How to choose the right couples costumes for you?

Famous couples provide plenty of inspiration. Whether they are couples from history, television or fairy tales, many couple costume ideas will make you famous on your big night out.

Some famous couple costumes never go out of style. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz the stars of the hit 1950s television show “I Love Lucy” offer you famous couple costumes for a man and woman that even today will be instantly recognized. And you’ll honor the show business spirits of Lucy and Ricky because they were famous for their costuming. As if the iconic looks of the characters Lucy and Ricky Ricardo weren’t enough, the couple frequently costumed in numerous episodes of their show that debuted on Oct. 15, 1951.

In this photograph from the Nov. 7, 1955 episode “Homecoming” Ricky is wearing a goofy smoking jacket while Lucy struggles to give him his cigarette holder a light.


In another example, Lucy presented a stunning showgirl in a red ball gown in the April 21, 1952 episode “Cuban Friends” when she posed as Ricky’s old dance partner.


Then they put together an unforgettable couples costume when they kicked up their heels and shed their Latin inspirations for the Scottish highlands in the Feb. 20, 1956 episode “Lucy Goes to Scotland.”


From the same era, the Hollywood celebrity couple Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor fell in love wearing famous couple costumes as Mark Antony and Cleopatra. The actors’ steamy romance started when they met in 1961 while filming the extravagant production Cleopatra.”


Elizabeth Taylor starred as the Queen of Egypt, and her costume in the movie to this day serves as the template for Cleopatra costumes.

Burton was Mark Antony, whose costume can be easily created with a Roman Centurion Costume.


Television history has more couple costume ideas for you. The hit show “I Dream of Jeannie” that aired from 1965 to 1970 portrayed the magical romance between astronaut Major Anthony Nelson and Jeannie a 2,000-year-old genie rescued from a bottle.



If the stars Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman ever kissed in real life, they didn’t tell, but their hilarious sweet romance on television is still famous today. Tip! Just remember if your couples costume is Jeannie and Major Nelson, Jeannie’s belly button can’t show because 1960s network executives deemed that too provocative.



Couples Costumes from the Bat Cave

If you’re looking for some couple costume ideas that are naughty or even decidedly deviant, the Joker & Harley Quinn from the Batman universe inspire a famous couple costume that is rising in popularity.


A lengthy article at Wikipedia about Harley Quinn states that she first appeared alongside the Joker on the September 11, 1992 episode of Batman: The Animated Series (source Since then she has appeared in comics, television shows, and on film. The Joker and HarleyQuinn are among the couples costumes that let you and your partner indulge the dark side of your humor. No need to play the good girl when you’re Harley Quinn.

And the Joker can finally have a date to the ball that will laugh at his jokes.


Even if you don’t think you want to get hardcore with a Joker and Harley Quinn couples costume, there are other characters that inspire Batman couple costumes like Batman himself, Catwoman, and even a sexy female Robin costume.


British Style Time Travel

Television inspires another popular couple costume category which is Doctor Who.  The famous time lord has delighted generations of fans, and the many versions of the Doctor offer numerous looks to choose from. Doctor Who also provides couple costumes because he always works with a female assistant. The David Tennant Doctor with Rose Tyler is a popular choice for couples costumes.

Dress Up and Play the Game of Thrones

The HBO series Game of Thrones is a source of trendy couple costume ideas. A blonde goddess wig will get a lady well on her way to becoming Khaleesi Daenerys.

And her hunky Kal Drogo need only take off his shirt and don the Medieval long warrior wig.

Epic fantasy style costumes and accessories will easily translate into epic couple costumes based on Game of Thrones.

Aren’t They Cute!

Famous couple costumes are not the only source of couple costume ideas. As you and your partner consider couples costumes, you might decide that cute couple costumes are more your style. Beauty and the Beast couples costume and 1920s bathing suit couple costumes are charming choices that are always popular.


For cute couple costumes that add in a scary element, many people choose Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf for their couple costumes. This lets a hungry beast pursue sweet innocence at the party.

If you want to go with shocking and weird, the his-and-hers bondage suits couple costumes mix scary and sexy, depending on your taste.

Before you and your special love get in an argument because you’re overwhelmed by all the couple costume ideas, you can always opt for that perennial favorite: couple pirate costumes. The British Empire once declared that all pirates are to be hanged, but their numbers keep growing. Men and women enjoy putting on frilly shirts and indulging in their seafaring outlaw fantasies.

Couple costumes create good times and great memories for you and your special somebody. Costuming is a way for you to share your enthusiasm for each other in a playful way and the ultimate compatibility test.

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