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Many on this western side of the hemisphere have grown up to be rewarded for their year-round good behavior (or leading up to) the Christmas holiday season.  Even the recent Elf on the Shelf is a tender figure in attempting to tame bad children. Bad children still always have next year, right?

The naughty list for Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus in Eastern Europe) has a whole different side, a folkloric-eviler side where the naughty are not only left gift-less, they’re also physically reprimanded.





Krampus, also known as the Yule Lord, is characterized with demonic goat horns or ears, hairy legs and a full fur body coat [think towering Greek mythological satyr or faun).  The Krampus costume also carries large chains and bells to thrash and scoop up bad children into his large sack to transport them to hell. Trendy Halloween has had so much fun in curating Krampus accessories to inspire your own unique Krampus costume or Saint Nicholas. We hope you enjoy this Christmas-Halloween nightmare too!


Krampus Costumessource: Gnigler Krampus


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