Top 5 Gifts for Goth Girls


Don’t be scared by the idea of shopping for the goth girl on your list. Sure they might have a darker aesthetic, but here at Trendy Halloween we found it easy to not only compile a Goth Gift Finder for Her, but to also narrow that list down even further into our top picks for gothic gifts. We wanted to include items ranging from goth clothing like these Black & White Striped Leggings, to goth jewelry like the Silver Dracula Fang Vampire Teeth Necklace, and goth home décor like the Animated Black Skull Vase with White Bloody Roses and the Creepy Lenticular Photo Frame.  We’re sure she’ll love any item from this list, but if you still need more gothic gift ideas, be sure to check out our entire selection of gifts for gothic girls.



Top 5 Gifts for Goth Girls

1. Animated Black Skull Vase with White Bloody Roses

This beautiful black skull vase is as Goth as it gets, and it comes complete with white roses with black stems and blood sprayed leaves. Turn it on and watch as the roses wilt to the tune of a morbid funeral song.

2. Silver Dracula Fang Vampire Teeth Necklace

When traditional jewelry won’t do, get her this wicked vampire fangs necklace that she can wear for eternity.

3. Black & White Striped Leggings

We’ll bet she’ll love being called Bettlejuice in these black and white striped leggings. They’re perfect for everyday use, going out and looking gothtastic!

4. Black Cat Spandex Pantyhose

Every Goth girl loves black cats. Combine them with these super on trend over the knee tights and you’ve got a great gift that she’ll be able to use for going out and everyday wear.

5. Creepy Lenticular Photo Frame

Perfect for decorating her room, this vintage lenticular photo frame comes in three different styles, all of which change into flesh eating zombies.



Geek to Goth Holiday Gift Finder Via Trendy Halloween

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