Top 5 Gifts for Goth Boys


We thought it might be scary shopping for goth guys too, that is until we compiled Trendy Halloween’s Goth Gift Finder for Him and found that we wanted some of those items for ourselves (Skeleton Martini Shaker anyone?). So if even non-goths love these items, we know goth guys definitely will. I mean, who can say no to anything related to The Nightmare Before Christmas like this Jack Skellington Adult Mens Onesie? And both the Black and White Checkered Suspender Belt and Punk Buckled Wrist Cuff are goth accessory must haves for any goth guy’s wardrobe. Don’t forget something for the home like this Vintage Creepy Friends Light-Up Photo…they can keep that all to themselves though, that’s to creepy even for Halloween enthusiasts like ourselves! And if these top 5 picks for goth guy gifts weren’t enough, take a look at our entire selection of goth gifts for even more gift ideas for goth guys.


Top 5 Gifts for Goth Boys


1. Jack Skellington Adult Mens Onesie

Who doesn’t love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Onesies have been big sellers this holiday season and there’s no reason why the Goth boy on your list should have to miss out on the fun. Perfect as pajamas, this Jack Skellington onesie also doubles as a warm and comfy Jack Skellington Halloween costume.  

2. Skeleton Martini Shaker

 Because a traditional martini shaker just won’t do for the Goth guy on your list. This skeleton martini shaker will have him making drinks in his traditional morbid style.

3. Black and White Checkered Suspender Belt

 These checkered suspenders are a great and simple gift that he’ll keep using yearlong.

4. Punk Buckled Wrist Cuff

 Goth boys like to accessorize too, so get him this faux leather wrist cuff that’ll look great as part of his everyday outfits. 

5. Vintage Creepy Friends Light-Up Photo

And finally, something to decorate his room. This creepy vintage Halloween picture will make sure no one staying over can sleep that night!  



Geek to Goth Holiday Gift Finder Via Trendy Halloween

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