Top 5 Gifts for Girls


It was so difficult choosing just 5 top Christmas gifts for girls, but we managed to narrow it down to the best of the best. Of course, no best Christmas gifts for girls list would be complete without at least one Disney Frozen item, and the Disney Frozen Movie Elsa Child Costume is the essential item any girl needs for her Frozen play pretend fantasy. And because feeling like a princess is something any girl would want, we had to include a tiara like this cute Barbie: Forever Barbie Tiara. Staying warm during winter doesn’t have to be boring with these Harajuku Child Leg Warmers and Catarina Hat and Tail, and neither does bedtime with this fierce Wonder Woman Juniors Onesie. We’re sure you’ll find something for the girl on your list, but if you’re still in need of Christmas gift ideas for girls, take a look at our entire Gift Finder for Kids.


Top 5 Gifts for Girls


1. Wonder Woman Juniors Onesie

Onesies are all the rage this holiday season and this cute Wonder Woman one will impress any picky teen on your list. 


2. Disney Frozen Movie Elsa Child Costume

When it comes to girl costumes Elsa reigns supreme! She’ll love singing along to her favorite Disney movie while wearing this enchanting Elsa costume.


3. Harajuku Child Leg Warmers

Staying warm this winter just got 10 times easier with this pair of rainbow leg warmers. The colorful leg warmers are cute and girly and a great inexpensive gift for any girls on your list.


4. Cheshire Catarina Hat and Tail

She’ll love bundling up this winter with this cute Cheshire cat hood that also doubles as an easy cat Halloween costume. 


5. Barbie: Forever Barbie Tiara

 Every little girl wants to feel like a princess, but when there’s no time for a full costume, this cute Barbie tiara will do just the trick. 




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