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The Minions are invading Halloween... again! They were one of the the most popular Halloween costumes of 2014. For 2015, they will be back on schedule after enjoying another epic summer filled with the lovable yellow minions, neighborhoods across the country will be spotting clusters of little yellow cylindrical shaped boys and girls going door-to-door on Halloween as they look for treats. Homeowners, upon hearing gibberish talk outside, will curiously open their doors, only to find small yellow characters in blue overalls and goggles standing eagerly on their threshold. As they hold their treat bags open, the mighty minions will giggle openly, their infectious laugh easily putting a smile on the homeowner's face as they give each minion a Halloween treat.


From the very first movie, Despicable Me, people young and old instantly fell in love with Gru's Minions. This army of yellow capsule shaped creatures captured the viewers' hearts with their lively innocence, open enthusiasm and hilarious antics.  As we will see in their new blockbuster movie, Minions, even when they are trying to be diabolical, the Minions easily turned even the most villainous crime into a comedy festival with their impulsive actions and childlike reactions.

Minions Movie Screen Capture 

While their origins were a mystery in the Despicable Me movies, the Minions Movie has shown how, with the dawn of time, came the dawn of the minions. These simple yet indestructible creatures, having innocently destroyed all of their previous masters including a T-Rex, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Dracula, eventually meet Scarlett Overkill, the world's first female super villain. She recruits the innocent, gullible minions to help her take over the world. But the minions prove to be smarter than Scarlett thinks as they foil her plot and save the other minions from complete annihilation. Eventually, the minions will make their way into Gru's life as his loyal criminal sidekicks and family.


It's not surprising that minion Halloween costumes have already become one of the best Halloween costumes again this year. Whether attending a costume party, school event or out trick-or-treating, children and adults alike are eager to join the minion ranks by wearing one of these cool Halloween costumes.


Despicable Me 2 Minion Infant & Toddler Costume via


The toddler minion costumes are the perfect disguise for the active youngster going out on one of their first Halloween events. Running around from home to home is easy for the active toddler while in the minion's trademark blue overalls. With the minion's goggles sewn to the top part of the costumes hood, young children will look absolutely adorable as the smallest minions celebrating Halloween.


Despicable Me Minion Child Girl Costume via


As one of the best kids costumes, children of all ages will be eagerly clamoring to dress up as one of the more popular minions, Dave, Stuart, Bob or Kevin. Minion Halloween costumes are perfect as individual or group costumes. An open excitement can easily be added to Halloween's festivities when a group of trick-or-treating minions embark on their holiday caper. Homeowners are sure to enjoy an added treat when a group of lively minions come calling.


Despicable Me Minion Adult Womens Costume via


The adult chaperones can join in the Halloween merriment while wearing and adult minion Halloween costume. The adult men's minion Halloween costume or adult women's minion Halloween costume will compliment the children's minion costumes perfectly.


Despicable Me 2 Gru Adult Costume via


Adding the mighty Gru  to the clan will give way to the perfect opportunity to create a new and exciting Despicable Me Halloween scene. The adult Gru Halloween costume is a perfect resemblance to the movie character. With the trademark gray sweater and striped scarf, people will think that Gru is really coming to their home to trick-or-treat.


Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Adult Mens Costume via Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Child Costume via


Minions Halloween costumes are simple costumes like the minions, but they can create very special moments for families to make lasting memories of a holiday event. Moms can join their daughters in look-alike costumes with an adult women's minion Halloween costume while Dads can match their son's Dave minion Halloween costume by wearing the adult men's Dave's minion costume. Families will never forget their minion holiday in these matching cute family Halloween costumes.


Even couples can participate in the Halloween Minion mayhem. The darling duo can enjoy their adult costume party in matching adult men's and women's Halloween minion costumes. Not only will they look adorable, but the minion couple will have the best couple Halloween costume.


Recently, Pantone announced a new color, in… yes, you guessed it: Minion Yellow. The yellow minion color is uplifting and heightens clarity. Adults can enjoy wearing their favorite minion yellow costume as well as designing their own Halloween decorations with Pantone Minion Yellow paint.  


Despicable Me Evil Minion Child Costume via


For the trick-or-treater who wants to be a little more devilish, the evil minion Halloween costume is the perfect costume to wear to any party or Halloween event. The crazy haired, purple minion  will easily stand out from the crowd of minions.


The purple minions are the Dr Hyde version of the adorable yellow minions. They were created in Despicable Me 2 when El Macho and Dr Nefario kidnapped and injected the unsuspecting minions with a nasty serum that El Macho stole from a Russian science station in the Antarctica. The altered, evil purple minions  can only be stopped from destroying everyone and everything around them with an antidote or Agnes' screams. The trick-or-treater who is looking for a little added mayhem will have a great time going door-to-door as in an evil purple minion Halloween costume.


Despicable Me Minion Dave Adult Costume via Despicable Me Minion Dave Child Tunic Costume via


The tunic style minion Dave costumes for adults and children are easy costumes for putting over clothing. It's cheerful, bright yellow face of the popular minion, Dave will greet homeowners when they open their doors. Children and adults can easily put this vibrant, lightweight tunic style minion Halloween costume over their warm winter clothing before going out for an evening of merriment and treats.


 Despicable Me Glasses & Gloves Kit via


For those trick-or-treaters who want to design their own Minion Halloween costume, the Despicable Me Glasses and Gloves set is the perfect accessory. Trick-or-treaters can add their own flair to their minion costume by adding the gloves and goggles to their own unique outfit. After all, long before clothes existed and the minions wore their famous blue overalls and goggles, they wore banana leaves, togas, sari’s, and as the video clip "How Minions found their style" video shows incantations of 60s pieces and Dracula’s cape for clothing.


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 Minions Movie screen capture

"How Minions found their style" - click images for full clip.

Minions movie screen capture

Minion movie screen capture

The minion goggles and gloves set can be added to create an ancient to modern minion look. Everyone will be left guessing at the mayhem this minion has caused when they see the one-of-a-kind minion celebrating Halloween.


 Super Model Black Wig via


For the super villainous party-goer, who better to portray than the sinister Scarlett Overkill from the Minions movie. This gorgeous dark haired wig worn with a Scarlett Overkill style dress and high boots will have homeowners hiding from her evil plots to take over their treat bowls.


Minions are taking over the summer with their blockbuster feature, Minions and everyday after that, including Halloween! Children, adults, couples, families and friends will eagerly want to join the lovable army of minions to celebrate Halloween by wearing these Despicable Me and Minions movie, Halloween costumes of the minions and their despicable leaders, Scarlett Overkill and Gru. See our current Minion catalog collection here and sneak a peak of our all new 2015 Minion costumes coming this Halloween via Pinterest. Use hashtag #minioning to show us your favorite Minion doings.


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