A lot of thought and preparation goes into baby’s 1st birthday, baby’s 1st Christmas but what about Halloween? Trendy Halloween has come up with some tips for you and your baby so your night isn’t too scary. And we’ve gathered our most awesome Halloween costumes for infants that will surely have everyone all night saying “aww boo boo”.

TIP 1.) Don’t wait until Halloween to snap those pictures

Abominable Snow Baby

Bad weather, a late work night or worse baby gets sick on the day of Halloween. Those adorable photo shoots of your baby in costume that you envisioned before trick-or-treating doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.  Avoid last minute surprises and take your pictures beforehand. Decorate the background in hues of oranges and browns or simply experiment with fun Halloween apps available for decorating Halloween pictures. Plus, you’ll be able to see just how comfortable your baby feels in character suit.

TIP 2.) Dress up your baby in full costume early
Monsters Mike Infant Costume 

All those little ties, boot covers and accessories might look cute on the happy baby in the Halloween picture but that might not be the case with your own baby.  This is your baby’s first Halloween after all. Perhaps the Monsters Inc Mike Infant Costume (check out all our Monsters University Costumes here) might be a better bet over the Despicable Me 2 Minion Infant Costume (check out our Despicable Me Group Costumes for the entire family here).  You’ll avoid scary crying baby.

TIP 3.) Don’t wait until it gets dark to go out trick-or-treating

Your inclination to stay up until nightfall to celebrate Halloween the traditional way may not be the best option for your baby just yet. Streets will be filled with foot traffic and commotion that may make it difficult to navigate - or worse - upset your baby. Plan a visit your local mall or business districts and see what celebrations and treats they’re doing before the crowds hit.

TIP 4.) Halloween doesn’t have to be about trick-or-treating

Mummy Baby

Your baby’s first Halloween can also be focused on capturing their first moments of sitting amidst a pumpkin patch, or their bewildered faces at the colors and smells at harvest festivals. Check your local listings or head out to further little drive, to enjoy the turning of the leaves before arriving at a Halloween parade.